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Why should you use Google my Business?

Google my Business is an online platform by Google for business owners. The platform is set to help businesses be visible on the search engine and for people to easily find the businesses they’re looking for. Google my Business allows business owners to have control over their business’ Google profile and what shows to customers. Hence, the owner can verify business’ information and push forward what they believe should be visible to potential customers. Google My Business includes Google Places and Google Listings. It is a one stop platform to manage your business profile.

If you’re not using Google My Business, you’re missing out on some easy and efficient ways to grow your business. Read this article to learn why you should start using Google my Business.

Be visible on Google!

When you use Google my Business, your business profile will show on the top of the search page. When you’re looking for a product or a service provider, where is the first place you look? We all go to the same place: Google. When you hear about a restaurant, hotel or a shop, you directly go to Google search to check its ‘credibility’  and ‘authenticity’. If  you can’t find what you’re looking for on the first page of Google or on the maps’ section, is it even a real business?

Business owners can create a new profile from scratch or modify an existing auto-generated profile to suite their business’ identity and mission. Your business profile will show when people look for your business or similar businesses on Google search and Google maps. You can even create a website on Google with your business information, choosing from the numerous available templates. Not bad, if you can’t afford to have a professionally designed website.

Connect with customers!

Building a customer base is always the highest goal; in order to do that that you have to directly communicate with customers. Any business has its own usual customers, but the aim is to reach and connect with new customers. Build your customer loyalty by engaging online and sharing updates with people. On Google my Business you can respond to customers’ messages and reviews, and start a conversation with them.  You can Share posts about offers, deals and updates directly to your business profile.

Also, with Google my Business you can keep an eye on your competition. You can know which competitors to look out for and change your marketing strategies based on bench marking. Moreover, this will help you better connect with customers: sharing creative posts; special offers, discounts and seasonal offers.

Use insights to optimize your profile!

With Google my Business you get regular insights on your business profile. You can analyze how people land on you profile business. Also, insights allow you to know the search journey that led people to your business and how they interact with your profile. You will be able to learn people’s behavior: how did they find your business, how many people directly called you from your profile, who clicked on your website’s link and more. With a an easy to use dashboard, you can see your performance, rankings, customer behaviors. Eventually, you will have enough data to support your marketing strategy, starting with customizing your business profile on Google.

Customize your business profile and reach more customers!

When someone lands on your business profile, that is the first interaction they have with your business and the start of their customer journey. With Google my Business, you regularly customize your profile, change information, and share useful announcements about deals and offers. You have an accessible dashboard  that makes this task easy, since you can visualize: profile information, your photos, customer’s photos, and news.  You can use Google my Business to make your business profile the first welcoming receptionist for your customer. Make sure to regularly add new posts with photos and update information such as: opening hours, phone number, reservation guidelines and more.

A free to use platform!

Yes, this platform is free for businesses with a physical store or location. Recently, the platform was updated to support office-less businesses. Therefore, you can better connect with customers and get insights for free. Pretty cool huh…?

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