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Israel Mobile Summit 2019 – a Comprehensive Recap

The Israel Mobile Summit 2019 happened last week, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to participate in it. Our account manager Sami, traveled to Tel Aviv to join partners and clients during this big mobile event.

Sami at the enterance of IMS2019

A little background on Israel Mobile Summit

IMS’s first edition was organized back in 2011. Since then, this Tel Aviv Summit became a yearly event. IMS gathers the brightest minds of the mobile industry. The event is a big opportunity for popular mobile influentials and digital marketers to exchange novelties and solutions. Mobile apps, mobile games, Adtech and more interesting features are discussed during IMS. In total, this Mobile Summit attracts more than 2000 international professionals every year. Not bad huh!  

IMS 2019

The Israel Mobile Summit serves a cocktail of innovation displays, hot mobile panels and great networking opportunities.

Moreover, it’s worthy to mention that the Israel Mobile Summit 2019 is actually a part of the Israel Mobile week. The Israel Mobile Week hosted many other interesting events including Facebook DevDay where the Facebook team shared insights with app publishers.

So basically,

A comprehensive week that gives you a big dose of what is trending in the mobile industry.

Networking, Collaboration and Expertise

The Israel Mobile Summit hosted multiple panels and keynotes. The speakers’ list was rich and interesting. Seniors from leading international publishers talked about different hot topics in the mobile industry.

Such events are a great place to network with people in the industry and forge profitable collaborations. Meeting clients and potential collaborators in person brings out conversation about real time experiences and useful tips from everyday work.

It is true that in the digital sphere, we spend up to 10 hours per day working in front of a computer screen. However, we shouldn’t forget that it is the human factor that nurtures successful partnerships. Therefore, regular meetings can help grow business and strengthening professional relationships. 

Sure, the meet ups and the cocktail party made networking much easier

cocktail party at Israel Mobile Summit - Gif

Also, the summit had some fun moments of competition with contests for the best start ups, best games and the hottest Israeli mobile app.

Adspade in Israel Mobile Summit 2019

This is the first time we attend IMS… and it didn’t disappoint.

We were happy to learn once again that Adspade is known for smashing Social Casino and Card Games offers. Yes SMASHING !

Also, we are thrilled to confirm that advertisers and partners TRUST us with promoting their offers in our top performing verticals which are: Gaming, Dating and Utilities.

Of course, our expertise so far supports us in maximizing profit and helping our advertisers reach their target audiences.

Sami with partners - Israel Mobile Summit 2019

This was also Sami’s first visit to Tel Aviv. He enjoyed his stay in the city. Most importantly, he enjoyed meeting his clients in person. Since he joined Adspade, Sami established fruitful relationships with clients.

He’s been talking to some of his clients and managing their accounts for more than a year. Yet, Sami didn’t get the chance to meet them before. Some of loyal Adspade partners that we crossed at IMS are: CreativeClicks, Spyke, GWM, Mobisummer, Affle, TAB, Mobupps and Adperio.

“People at IMS2019 were amazing! All young, dynamic and eager to participate in the growth of our respective companies. It was one of my best experiences ever. To not say the best in my life.I can't thank my team enough to support me on this wonderful event that took place in one of the most beautiful destinations in the world.”
Sami, Account Manager
Adspade Advertising Team

According to Sami, this year’s Mobile Summit was well organized and rich in content. All attendees were dynamic and eager to exchange their expertise and knowledge. It’s impressive when one event gathers industry experts who help others expand their knowledge about the industry. Especially the mobile and desktop marketing sphere.

Sami meeting partners - Israel Mobile Summit 2019

What’s up with the industry?

Mobile Advertising 2020, user acquisition, ads monetization, and entrepreneurship were the main themes of the discussion panels at the Israel Mobile Summit 2019.

Let’s be honest!

When attending a Mobile summit, Affiliate World Conferences, or any Affiliate marketing event; we actually hope to find partners with solutions to issues we’re actually struggling with.

We can all agree that the most hectic and challenging issue we’ve been facing so far and it just doesn’t seem to go away is: 

FRAUD - Affiliate Marketing

Fraud, scrubs, Fraud, scrubs… we’re so fed up with this chain!

Partners and other actors in the affiliate marketing industry all agreed on facing the same issue. We are still challenged everyday by click farms, bots and similar activities. It seems as if fraudsters are committed to destroying ad networks and the affiliate marketing industry. 

All summit attendees discussed the potential release of a fraud detection tool, wait for it… “at the click level”.

Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Of course, many agencies have been working hard on fraud detection tools at the click level. However, it’s all rumors and talk so far. Or the ones who actually finalized the tool are using it for their business and prosperity, as a competitive advantage. Would you blame them?

Anyways, we hope that one day all fraudsters will revisit their ethics and actually work as hard as the rest of us in the affiliate marketing industry.

No Fraud - Yes for Ethics

You can check more photos of the event here and here.

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So… where are we heading next? AWE barcelona


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