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CTR of your Email Campaign: How to Improve it?

 How Can you Enhance the CTR of Your Email Campaign?

If you are like most of digital marketers and you want to improve your results, you are surely thinking about conducting an email marketing plan. Indeed, implementing such strategies will have positive impact on your business, but it is necessary to upgrade your Click-Through rate to get the most from your work.

We should not omit to mention that an email marketing plan will not be very useful if you cannot get people to take action. Hopefully, by the end of this article you will learn how to make your emails stand out in your prospects’ inboxes.

Go for a compelling subject line

Refining the subject line of your emails is a pretty good way to improve your CTR. Instead of coming up with a random subject line for you email, you should thoroughly think it over in order to get your prospects’ attention. Moreover, using power words that respond best to your audience’s needs will get you notable open and click-thru rates. In other words, while setting your subject line think of the benefits you can bring to your prospects.

When it comes to email marketing, some people make the number one mistake of sending messages only when they want to sell something. We should remember that consumers are constantly exposed to a countless flow of emails when they open their inboxes. Hence, you should seize this opportunity to stick out from the crowd and have more impact.

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Rather than promoting products and services at every chance you get, try highlighting your added value. One way to do it is through sharing information that show your prospects that YOU have the solutions to their issues.

Prospects will with no hesitation click on your link and go through your content if and only if you are able to prove that you have an added-value that goes beyond commercial purposes.

Create interesting content

To attract your audience and tempt them to take action, capitalize on the quality of your content. Concretely speaking, the length and the coherence of your paragraphs play a major role in the readability of your emails.

Through the integration of visual content- pictures, videos and infographics- you are set to boost your Click Through rate. In fact, this tactic will catch the readers’ attention and make them want to know more about your services.

Seek customers feedback

If you think it is difficult to predict the kind of content that will engage your readers, think again. Because, you can ask for their feedback to gain insights on their preferences.

Your audience will not always agree with your content, this is a fact. However, as an advertiser you must try to concentrate on your audiences feedback to detect the recurrent topics and inquiries.

Spot your prospect’s most compelling need

As a digital marketer, you should understand your audience on a deeper level in order to obtain the finest results. Finding out the keywords and terms that your prospects use the most will enable you to understand them. Hence, If you succeed in meeting your potential customer’s needs, they will be more willing to trust your content.

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Yet, our advice is to never underestimate the role of tracking results of your email marketing strategy. Relying on Marketing analytics will provide you with the necessary information on the open and click-through rate of each email. Remember that, Keeping track of your results will help you figure out the time of day at which your prospects are more receptive.

One last thought

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