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Affiliate World Europe, Barcelona 2019 – A Recap

Barcelona, Barcelona! Host of the Affiliate World Europe 2019, home to one of the most popular football clubs, and source for inspiring alternative art. 

Last week, we stormed the city along with thousands of affiliate marketers and digital marketing specialists. One thing we can say is: Affiliate World Conferences always manage to remind us why we’re passionate about the industry. 

Affiliate world Europe Barcelona 2019 was a gathering arena for the most talented digital marketers. It was by far the biggest event Adspade attended this year ( IMS2019, ASE2019, MWC2019). The number of AWeurope attendees was impressive (+3000 attendees). It was very enriching to be around people from different industries and to discover new ‘hybrid’ businesses.

AWE2019 was a busy event with panels, speeches, and meetups with the most talented marketers.

Events within the big event 

As a rapidly growing performance ad agency,  Affiliate World Europe 2019 was the most interesting event for us (obviously).  

Affiliate World Europe 2019 as the central event, attracted affiliates and performance marketers from all over Europe and the world. People were thrilled about this business opportunity. they networked and looked for traffic sources. Of course, this 2 day event was busy with labs, speeches and meet ups. 

At least, we know that our meetings’ calendar was full. 

busy with meetings

The AWE2019 were supported by many side events such as Shecommerce, Facebook Mastery Live and Ecommerce Mastery Live. 

The performance marketing sphere took a great initiative to celebrate female entrepreneurs. Shecommerce aimed to empower women in the digital marketing world. Many attendees enjoyed the talks where female entrepreneurs shared their knowledge and expertise. Moreover, everyone enjoyed the support and the empowering vibe during Shecommerce. 


During Facebook and Ecommerce Mastery Live, marketers had the chance to attend intensive and interesting training sessions. The training revolved around learning to use efficient marketing tactics and detailed strategies to scale successful Facebook Ads campaigns.

In addition, the sessions connected FB Ads mastery with optimizing e-commerce growth. It was attended by entrepreneurs, affiliates and agencies. Attendees actually had the chance to get some intensive training on Google Adwords, Snapchat and more. 

Adspade in Affiliate World Europe 2019

As a performance ad agency, we’re aware that the industry is always changing and growing. Also, we realize that partnerships and collaboration can be based on factors other than common interest. As long as partners consider each other’s business objectives and growth, partnerships can be creatively more profitable. 

Adspade co-founders: Ach (COO) and Zak (CTO) traveled to Barcelona to meet partners and collaborators in the industry. They enjoyed a lot of talks, conferences and speeches.

Ach and Zak have a long and rich experience in affiliate marketing. They got to meet old acquaintances and partners in AWeurope. They had the chance to revisit old partnerships, and to discuss the latest technological marketing solutions out there.

We were very thrilled to meet many partners and clients with whom we built trusting professional relationships. ( Creative Clicks, GWM, Expand Mobile, Yeahmobi, Adright, ProppellerAds, Koneo, Affise..)

Meeting partners in Affiliate World Europe

Why we loved attending Affiliate World Europe

We’re always happy and proud to receive our clients’ positive feedback. We’ve come to be known as as fast growing performance ad agency. During such evens, we get to meet partners in person, discuss our outcomes and objectives. For Example, we’re proud to establish that Adspade is renowned for smashing Social Casino and Card Games offers (smashing, smashing). 

What I love most about events like AWE2019, is that you get the best marketers from around the world and you put them under one roof. Knowledge sharing, advanced technological marketing solutions, and business growth are the main topics you discuss throughout the event. It’s really humbling to share your expertise and to learn from other people at the same time.

  Zak, Chief Technology Officer | Adspade

It is enriching and fun to meet industry leaders and digital marketing’s brightest minds. All while catching up with clients and discovering new solutions and businesses.

Let’s be honest !

We can all agree that meetings in conferences are fun. But the real networking happens in parties and cocktail gatherings (no one can help it, it’s human nature).

networking Affiliate World Europe

Jokes aside.

Many attendees enjoyed dinners and parties organized by fellow networks and agencies. These invitations offered us the opportunity to network with more people and catch up with partners. While having fun in the beautiful ciudad of Barcelona. 

Affiliate World Europe 2019 is a great place to meet people in the affiliation industry. Attendees come with cutting-edge tactics and great passion for the industry. It’s just motivating and enriching to be around peers with such passion and success. I’m glad to know that at the end of the day, all the work we do in our respective businesses and agencies, helps people connect with each other and change the way they communicate. 

 Ach, Chief Operations Officer| Adspade

What’s up with the industry 

In Affiliate Marketing, there are always novelties to keep an eye on and to cope with at the same time. During AWE2019, many affiliates were talking about how automation of media buying will affect performance marketing.

The talk is now evolving to how the media buying process should be optimized. Also, media buyers should think about supporting optimization with creativity in order to keep a competitive advantage. Otherwise, automation will reduce the margin of profitable business opportunities for media buyers. Therefore, they should now work on differentiating themselves with more creative solutions.

We’ll see what will come out of that.

As a performance ad agency, we engaged in many talks about ad placements, optimized landing pages, CPA marketing. We discussed with fellow attendees the dos and don’ts of CPA marketing. A common point is that affiliates always make the mistake of burning the budget too soon at the beginning and expecting fast results. What makes affiliate marketing interesting is that we can track and measure. We take action and we start campaigns; However, we must stay patient to see results, evaluate the results and then optimize. 

The ongoing growth of affiliate marketing comes with profit, fraud, regulations and more struggles.

But, it doesn’t necessarily mean that affiliation is going anywhere. Where there is struggle, there are solutions. Of course advertisers will always need a bridge (that’s us, performance ad agencies) with their publishers.

Performance ad agencies are awesome

All in all, we love attending such events because we get to meet old partners, catch up with current clients and network with new acquaintances.

We are mainly passionate about affiliate marketing because we spend our days connecting with people and building strong and fruitful relationships with them. 

If you missed us in the AWE2019 crowd, please reach out to us on [email protected].

See you in the next one!


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