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YouTube Readjusts Video Ad ‘Engagement’ Time Watch: from 30 Seconds to 10 Seconds

After conducting “large-scale experiments,” YouTube has announced that it is updating the engagement metrics on its TrueView for action ads in order to enable advertisers to accurately evaluate the relationship between video ad exposure and conversions.

To inform these changes, we conducted large-scale experiments to analyze the incremental conversion volume driven by TrueView for action ads across a broad range of advertiser industries and conversion types” Nicky Rettke, YouTube Group Manager

The world’s largest video platform has modified its attribution window to 10 seconds.

Basically, what that means is that Youtube will count an ‘engagement’ when a TrueView for Action ad is either clicked or watched for at least 10 seconds with a 3 day default conversion window.

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Let’s recall that prior to this adjustment users had to click an ad or watch at least 30 seconds of it (with a 30 day conversion window) to count as an ‘engagement.’

Even though the definition of audience engagement is still a bit vague, we can think of it as a two-way communication between a brand and consumers.

Along with rigorous conversion tracking this change is bringing, the Google-owned company advanced that advertisers can expect faster ramp-up times for their CPA campaign, as well as a meticulous reporting thanks to a reduced conversion lag.

Nicky Rettke, YouTube Group Manager, advanced that the platform’s ad data revealed that 90% of consumers come across new products and brands on Youtube. In the same announcement, Rettke added that Youtube does not expect people to take action on video ads right away.

You see a video ad on YouTube for the Nest smart thermostat that piques your interest, but you’re not quite ready to buy it right there in the moment. You decide to do a bit more research before ultimately purchasing it online a few days later. That video you saw on YouTube didn’t drive the click, but it planted the seed.

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